Merge your code with a REST API call

And automate up to 30% of your manual merges




Improved Continuous Integration pipelines

Go a step beyond in your Jenkins/TeamCity/ Bamboo pipelines: make sure manual intervention happens when it is really required.


Merge engine for the new IDEs

Reduce merge conflicts from your editor: Atom, Visual Studio Code, anything. It is just one API call away.


Integrate your existing repos and tools

GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket? CircleCI? Travis? Whenever a merge can't be solved, invoke API and reduce chances of manual intervention.


3-way merge, 2018 style can merge files with better results than the standard algorithms packed in Git and other version control tools.

Unlike traditional merge tools, it is not installed on your computer and invoked via command line, it is a REST API. It is merge as a service :-)


And it understands the code

The engine can merge any file, but it also understands C#, Java, C and C++. It understands code refactored and moved in these programming languages so it's able to merge it seamlessly.



This is just the start, a simple API to automate file merges. But this is not enough, this is coming up next:

  • Web-based side by side diff + semantic diff.
  • Web-based 3-way-merge.
  • Support for more languages: Python, Ruby, Go... you name it